The School Days Foundation Basketball Elite Open Runs


The School Days Foundation Basketball Elite Open Runs

Written By Paul Garwood

The School Days Foundation, established by Dr. Eric Thomas, aims to provide the necessary tools for the youth to achieve academic success in the present, thus enabling them to flourish and evolve into influential leaders and pioneers. A manifestation of this mission can be seen in the School Days Basketball Elite Runs, led by Coach Keith Tate.

Notable participants of these runs included eight exceptional players who were recognized as all-conference players in the previous season. The presence of coaches and scouts further heightens the importance of this inaugural session, making it a remarkable event.

Several standouts emerged amongst the players at the run, as they all showcased their excellent skills and had their fair share of impressive moments.

CO-MVP - Deunte Phifer 2024 6-6 F Lansing Waverly/Reach Legends

CO-MVP - Kelvin (KJ) Torbert 2026 Jr. 6-3 G East Lansing/The Family


Donye Thomas 6-3 G Holt/Michigan Titans


Cameron Hutson 6-6 G East Lansing/The Family

Jayce Branson 6-3 G East Lansing/The Family

Shannon Henderson 6-9 Stockbridge/School Days


Jaden Garwood 6-5 F University of Detroit Jesuit/The Family

Braden James 6-8 F Grand Ledge/The Family

Derek Thomas 6-3 F Lansing Waverly/GR Storm-UA

Keyshawn Summerville 5-11 PG Lansing Sexton/GR Storm-UA

Brandon Mercer ll 5-8 PG Motor City Grizzlies

Anticipating the upcoming three sessions, I am excited to witness the display of skills from these players and many others.