AJ Dybantsa - "The Best Prospect"


By: Paul Garwood

Within the 2026 class, it is evident that AJ Dybantsa stands out as the best prospect. This is due to his exceptional combination of length, athleticism, and skill as a wing player. Notably, Dybantsa showcased his talent by playing against older opponents in the 17U EYBL this year, where he achieved an impressive average of 17.1 points per game. This achievement positioned him within the top 20 performers on the circuit.

During Peach Jam, his performance reached its peak, evident in the fact that he led the event with an average of 25.8 PPG. Dybantsa's abilities extend beyond scoring, showcasing his versatility in high-level defense, solid ball-handling skills, and immense potential as a rebounder. Already gaining attention as a sophomore at Prolific Prep, he has received offers from prestigious institutions including Boston College, UConn, Alabama, Michigan, Auburn, and Georgetown.