LA Clippers make a statement with their first win since adding James Harden




By Paul Garwood

The LA Clippers have secured their first win since acquiring James Harden. 

In a thrilling game, Harden showcased his skills with an impressive performance. Scoring 24 points, grabbing nine rebounds, and dishing out seven assists, he played a vital role in the Clippers' 106-100 victory over Houston. 

This victory highlights the immediate impact that Harden can bring to his new team when he is motivated. His scoring ability, rebounding prowess, and playmaking skills make him a valuable asset on the court. The Clippers will be very excited to have him show this type of effort on a consistent basis.

Stay tuned for more exciting games and performances from the LA Clippers and James Harden. Let's see what they accomplish together this season! #NBA #LA Clippers #JamesHarden #Victory