Unstoppable Performance: Travis Perry Takes Lyon County to Victory with a Spectacular 40-Point Game




Written By Paul Garwood

In Friday night's City of Palms Classic Small Town Signature Series title game, Lyon County (Eddyville) emerged victorious with a commanding 93-64 win over Buckhorn (New Market, Ala.), thanks to an outstanding performance by Travis Perry, Kentucky's highest-scoring player of all time. Perry took charge, contributing 40 points, securing Lyon County's well-deserved triumph.

In addition to his impressive 15 of 22 field goal attempts, the highly regarded Kentucky signee recorded double-digit figures in rebounds, assists, and steals. He showcased his versatility by hitting 7 of 11 shots from beyond the arc and converting 3 of 4 free throws.

Meanwhile, Lyon County's senior guard, Jack Reddick, significantly impacted the game with a triple-double performance. He contributed 11 points, ten rebounds, and an impressive 13 assists. Adding to the team's solid offensive presence, Brady Shoulders, who is set to join the University of Tennessee-Martin, racked up 21 points and provided seven assists and five rebounds.

In the unfortunate defeat, Caleb Holt, an outstanding sophomore with immense talent, recorded an impressive stat line. He showcased his skills by scoring a remarkable 30 points while contributing eight rebounds, four assists, and four steals. His shooting efficiency was commendable as he converted 12 out of his 20 attempts from the field and successfully made three of seven shots from beyond the arc.