Birmingham Brother Rice 59, Troy 44




Written By Paul Garwood

Birmingham Brother Rice secured a significant 59-44 victory over Troy High, who had an impressive winning streak of 22 games prior to this match. The team's outstanding performance has propelled them to the next round, where they are set to face Utica, another formidable 22-win team. The upcoming game is scheduled for Tuesday at 7 pm at Troy High School.

During the game, Elijah Williams stood out with an impressive 20 points, showcasing his skills and contribution to the team's success. Additionally, Warren Marshall and Luke Salkowski both played crucial roles, each contributing 14 points to the team's victory.

The team's cohesion and individual player performances have been instrumental in their journey through the tournament, and their upcoming match against Utica promises to be an exciting showdown between two successful teams. Fans and supporters can anticipate a thrilling game as Birmingham Brother Rice continues to showcase their talent and determination in pursuit of victory in the Michigan state basketball tournament.