Michigan High School Basketball Tournament Final Results- 3/16/2024




Written By Paul Garwood

The Michigan high school basketball tournament showcased some exciting matchups this year across different divisions.

In the D1 final, Orchard Lake St. Mary emerged victorious with a score of 63 against North Farmington's 52, displaying a strong performance on the court.

In the D2 final, Warren Lincoln secured the win with a score of 53 against Grand Rapids Christian's 39, showcasing their skills and teamwork.

The D3 final saw Niles Brandywine triumph over Old Redford Academy with a score of 56 to 48, highlighting their resilience and determination.

Finally, the D4 final featured Wyoming Tri-Unity Christian dominating the court with a score of 79 against Mount Pleasant Sacred Heart's 59, demonstrating their talent and strategic gameplay.

Overall, the tournament provided an exciting platform for high school basketball teams to showcase their skills and compete at a high level.