Michigan State Assistant Coach Mark Montgomery Has Been Hired As Head Coach at Detroit Mercy




Written By Paul Garwood

Mark Montgomery's transition from assistant coach at Michigan State to the head coach position at Detroit Mercy marks a significant milestone in his coaching career. Having served under the guidance of legendary coach Tom Izzo at Michigan State, Montgomery has undoubtedly honed his skills and gained valuable experience that will serve him well in his new role. Detroit Mercy's decision to hire Montgomery is a testament to his coaching abilities and the potential he brings to the program.

While the specific terms of Montgomery's contract with Detroit Mercy remain confidential, the school has hinted at a base pay of approximately $600,000 per year. This competitive salary reflects the value that Detroit Mercy places on Montgomery's expertise and leadership in shaping the future of their basketball program.

Montgomery's appointment as head coach is not only a personal achievement but also a strategic move for Detroit Mercy to elevate their basketball program. With his background working alongside one of the most successful college basketball coaches in the country, Montgomery is poised to bring a fresh perspective, innovative strategies, and a winning mindset to Detroit Mercy.

Overall, Montgomery's transition to head coach at Detroit Mercy represents a significant opportunity for him to showcase his talents and make a lasting impact on the program. His wealth of experience and proven track record make him a valuable asset, and his appointment is a positive step forward for both Montgomery and Detroit Mercy's basketball team.