Luke Gelow of Gaylord Commits to Oakland University




Written By Paul Garwood

Luke Gelow, a talented player from Gaylord, brings a versatile skill set to Oakland University. His ability to effectively utilize his size and strength by backing down defenders and attacking smaller opponents showcases his versatility on the court. Gelow's capability to step out beyond the arc adds a dynamic element to his game, allowing him to stretch the floor and create scoring opportunities for his team.

One of Gelow's key strengths is his ability to read defenders' reactions. When defenders close out aggressively on his jump shot, Gelow adeptly exploits this by driving past them with finesse and finishing at the rim with creative moves. This demonstrates his basketball IQ and adaptability in different game situations.

Gelow's proficiency in both inside and outside scoring, coupled with his capability to maneuver around defenders, makes him a well-rounded player with the potential to make a significant impact on the court. His combination of skills and basketball instincts positions him as a valuable addition to Oakland University's basketball program.