Lance Stone - Michigan Unified 17U




Photo Credit - Made Hoops

Written By Paul Garwood

Lance Stone, a member of the class of 2025, showcased his skills at the Made Hoops Midwest Mania event and solidified his position as one of the top pure point guards in his class. Stone's standout performance was characterized by his aggressive defensive play and his ability to make reads in the pick-and-roll situation that many of his peers may not be able to make. While he may not have been the highest scorer during the game, his overall impact on the court was instrumental in leading his team to victory.

Stone's defensive aggressiveness likely disrupted the opponent's offensive flow, while his ability to anticipate and react to plays in the pick-and-roll situation demonstrated his high basketball IQ and court awareness. This skill set is particularly valuable for a point guard as they are often tasked with setting the tone for the team's defensive efforts and orchestrating plays on the offensive end.

Even though scoring may not have been his primary focus during the game, Stone's contributions in other aspects of the game such as defense, playmaking, and overall leadership were crucial in securing the win for his team. This highlights his understanding of the game beyond just putting points on the board, showcasing his value as a well-rounded player who can impact the game in various ways.

Overall, Lance Stone's performance at the Made Hoops Midwest Mania event solidified his reputation as a top talent in his class and highlighted his potential to excel as a skilled and impactful point guard in the future.