Mason Parker - Michigan Unified 17U




Photo Credit - Made Hoops

Written By Paul Garwood

Mason Parker had a standout performance at the Made Hoops Midwest Mania event, showcasing his skills and potential. As a 2025 prospect, Parker demonstrated his abilities as a confident shot-maker, stepping up when needed and leading the game in scoring. His ability to knock down shots with confidence not only contributed to his performance but also provided a significant boost to his team's offense.

Additionally, Parker's active hands on the defensive end proved to be valuable as well, leading to turnovers and creating transition opportunities for his team. By being engaged defensively and making plays on that end of the floor, Parker not only showcased his scoring prowess but also highlighted his versatility and impact on both ends of the court.

Mason Parker's performance at the Midwest Mania event not only demonstrated his scoring ability and defensive acumen but also solidified his potential as a promising young talent to watch in the future. His skills, confidence, and impact on the game make him a standout player with a bright future ahead in the world of basketball.