Made Hoops Warm - Up Stephen Brown 16U Mac Irvin Fire




Written By Paul Garwood

 At the Made Hoops Midwest Warm-Up, Stephen Brown of the Mac Irvin Fire 16U team showcased his impressive skills as a 6'7" wing player in the Class of 2027. Brown's performance highlighted his versatility and athleticism on the court. His ability to slash to the basket with power and finish with dunks demonstrates his strength and aggressiveness in attacking the rim.

Moreover, Brown's proficiency in hitting three-pointers off the catch-and-shoot showcases his shooting range and accuracy, making him a dual threat on offense. Additionally, his capability to run the floor and finish as a rim runner illustrates his speed and agility, allowing him to contribute effectively in fast-break situations.

Overall, Stephen Brown's performance at the Made Hoops Midwest Warm-Up exemplified his well-rounded skill set as a promising young wing player, combining scoring ability, shooting prowess, and athleticism to make a significant impact on the court.