Made Hoops Warm - Up Jamson Coulter Jr 16U Mac Irvin Fire




Written By Paul Garwood

Jamson Coulter Jr, a 6'3" combo guard from the Mac Irvin Fire 16U team, showcased his athleticism and attacking prowess at the Made Hoops Midwest Warm-Up. Known for his ability to drive to the basket and finish effectively, Coulter Jr's game is complemented by an improving three-point shot that adds another dimension to his offensive arsenal. His mid-range game further enhances his scoring versatility, making him a dynamic threat on the court.

Coulter Jr's attacking style, combined with his ability to score from various areas on the floor, makes him a valuable asset to his team. As he continues to refine his three-point shooting and expand his offensive skills, he is likely to become an even more formidable player in the Class of 2026. Keep an eye on Jamson Coulter Jr as he progresses and refines his game on his journey in basketball.