Evaluation of the basketball performance, the right analysis and selection of basketball players, teaching methods with true motivation are important and essential functions of all coaches. Everybody wants to know the value of the player’s performance with correct ratings, with the defensive ratings on the same high standard as the offensive ratings. It is the never ending seek after the basketball truth. Our Evaluation will be truthful and accurate.


Full D1 Basketball Workout (Eric Hunter Jr.)


An inside look at a full D1 basketball workout with Butler guard Eric Hunter Jr.


Calf Raises


Calf Raises For quick jumps and bouncing back up after you land, calf raises strengthen the lower part of the leg. They also build ankle strength to prevent injury. Calf raises can be done with both legs and then single legs. They train the calves as wel...


Tricep Stretch


Triceps stretches are arm stretches that work the large muscles at the back of your upper arms. These muscles are used for elbow extension and to stabilize the shoulder. The triceps work with the biceps to perform most strong forearm movements. They’re on...